Amazon Kindle

Amazon's Kindle actually looks pretty impressive(watch the 2nd video on the page). What impressed me most is that the store connects to the internet via satellite(not wi-fi) for free! Yes! Free! You can do the following things online: buy books, read newspapers and blogs, and search wikipedia. The idea is that amazon is providing you internet access for free because you are supposedly paying for it by buying their books. I already read tons of blogs and new regularly and I know reading it on an e-reader will be much more pleasant for my eyes, so this is something I might actually consider. I don't read books a lot now but that's mostly because it's so troublesome to carry a book around. There is a downside to this device though: it is UGLY! It's definitely not an iphone.

update: there are other negatives, actually:

  1. the price $399 is pretty steep
  2. you have to PAY to subscribe to magazines and BLOGS? I am NOT paying to read blogs if I haven't had to do it otherwise
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