I got an invitation from Hulu today and tried it out. I signed in and got a whole bunch of free TV shows at my disposal. It doesn't have all TV shows of course, let's say select shows. I gone on to watch an episode of chuck and the quality was really good. Full screen didn't work for me - there were lots of jitters, but they went away at regular size - probably about 3 times the size of youtube videos. The selection is medium sized, there are a lot of interesting shows on there, lots that I haven't seen before - I am not a big TV guy, but definitely not big enough that you can pick any title out of the sky and expect it to be there. Like Battlestar isn't on there - although the classic version is, and Threshold which I kind of left on a cliffhanger, isn't there either. The comercials are much quicker than in a real TV show, and are inserted in fixed length segments, I like this - it's much less intrusive. In conclusion, Hulu is really impressive technologically, the selection menu is probably similar to Joost right now.

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