Compiling a windows application as supposed a console application from haskell

The fact that my haskell application always runs in a command window(Windows land here) was really nagging me. I happened to be fiddling with C# express studio last night, and found out that the difference between a "console application" (one what always invokes a command window to run itself) and a "windows application" is but a compiler flag. So I thought, there must be an analogous thing in haskell, but first in gcc. I hunted down this gcc flag, and it turned out to be -mwindows. For compiling haskell using ghc, you'd use -optl-mwindows. This compiled at first, but didn't run, because it turns out that any time you try to print something to the console, it bombs out - this is the case for haskell only, for c, it just simply doesn't print anything on the screen. So I had to write a quiet version of my program that doesn't make use the putStr functions - err, actions - at all. Luckily this wasn't very hard because I had already separated out all my lib stuff that doesn't do any console IO to a separate file. Once that was done, it all worked. So now every time the scheduler runs my backup program there won't be an annoying window popping up. This is great!

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