Haml support for e-texteditor

I finally got the syntax highlighting support for haml and sass in e-texteditor. There isn't a lot of documentation for e-texteditor, but the textmate bundles are supposed to work for e-texteditor. So I just followed the directions here with the exception that I first cd to something like c:\Program Files\e\Bundles. After restarting the editor, syntax highlighting now works. Btw, I also looked into Netbeans, the problem was: a couple of things I thought I would get/really needed were not there:

  1. Good Haml support - there is some Haml support now, but you can't jump- to-definition on a method call like you can in erb
  2. There's no way to go back to previous buffer I was in? There are back buttons for last edited and so forth, but I didn't find one for simply getting back to the last file I was at, weird. I really enjoyed this feature in Eclipse
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