e-music vs rhapsody

I learned today that e-music: the indie music online store is has some major label music and is getting more and more of it. I had subscribed to the rhapsody service for a couple on months now and have been liking it. The only drawback of course, is that the music is DRM'ed, and I can't put it on my ipod. With e-music, everything is DRM-free, which is a major plus for me, since, after all, I am an ipod user(we actually own 4 ipods, if you count shuffles).

e-music has 3 plans:

compared to rhapsody:

But how do they compare in terms of their music collection? I search for some of my favorite artists:

Wes Montgomery Lee Konitz Bill Evans Booker Little Warne Marsh John Coltrane

Clearly rhapsody has the edge. But the situation isn't that bad for e-music, and if they are still working on expanding their collection they could always catch up, since I think all the major music labels have pretty much dropped their DRM requirements. I shall check back in a couple of months and see if any of these numbers change.

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