Autotest popup notifications with Snarl

After learning of growl from Micah's post, I decided to port it to the windows equivalent: snarl. It was pretty easy:

  1. Follow Micah's instructions except for the growl bits
  2. Install Snarl from their website, this is a setup .exe
  3. gem install ruby-snarl
  4. get the icon images from Micah's post and put them some where. I put them in c:/devtools/autotest redgreen icons/
  5. Put the code below in your .autotest, in place of the stuff for growl:

require 'autotest/redgreen'
require 'snarl'
module Autotest::Growl
  def self.notify title, msg, img
    Snarl.show_message title, msg, img
  Autotest.add_hook :ran_command do |autotest|
    icon_path = 'c:/devtools/autotest redgreen icons/'
    output = autotest.results.grep(/\d+\s.*examples?/).last.slice(/(\d+)\s.*examples?,\s(\d+)\s.*failures?(?:,\s(\d+)\s.*pending)?/)
    if output =~ /[1-9]\sfailures?/
      notify "Test Results", "#{output}", "#{icon_path}rails_fail.png"
    elsif output =~ /pending/
      notify "Test Results", "#{output}", "#{icon_path}rails_pending.png"
      notify "Test Results", "#{output}", "#{icon_path}rails_ok.png"


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