Last FM Scrobbler and displaying my feeds on facebook

I got excited about last fm today and setup the scrobblers for both itunes and rhapsody, since, after all, I have impeccable musical taste;) So, if you would like to see what music I am listening to, click here. After that, I was still excited, and wanted to display my recently played tracks as a widget the one you can generate using widgitize. But my blog/wiki does not yet have the ability to embed widgets(it's coming, though, heh...). So I thought it'd be nice to put it on facebook. If first tried the app, but it didn't display my recently played tracks like I wanted to do. I got the Blog RSS Feed Reader instead(man, what a boring name). It did just what I wanted:

The above now shows up in my profile page. And since it supports multiple feeds, I added some feeds from this blog as well.

Update: It turns out that there's an app called What I'm Listening to for precisely what I wanted to do with, I've switched over to that. I still use blog rss feed reader to display my blog feeds.

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