Belkin Stereo iPod Microphone

I got my microphone in the mail yesterday, now I can use it to record interviews or music. It did take some effort to set up, though, mostly because of the fact that I have a Mac and Windows setup. I have been syncing my ipod with my Mac machine, and now I want to be able to access my voice recordings from my windows laptop. This is a problem because my ipod was formated in the mac format, googling found that I can reformat it to fat32 and have it work for both mac and windows, so that's what I did. I also set enable-hard-disk-usage to true and start-itunes-when-ipod-plugged-in to false so that from windows I can get at the voice memo wav files without having to go through itunes. I still use the mac machine to sync my music, this works just like before.

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