Love hate relationship with the frog

Sigh... I like typing on the frog. But till now, I haven't been able to use it for my programing work because, while it is quite good for typing in English, it is lousy for typing programs. This is because symbols on the frog are a pain to type. You have to hit one key to go into symbol mode(it's modal) hit your symbol, and then another key stroke to go out of symbol mode. In most programming langages(except maybe COBOL), you alternate between letters and symbols quite often, this is why the frog may not be suitable for programming. Can you reprogram the keys? I don't know, haven't found any resources on it yet. I later found that the USB version of the frog is better in this respect because the symbol key is non-modal(like the shift key). No word yet on whether I can get my Bluetooth version to do that though. Keeping an eye on this thread.

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