Making justtodolist work for chrome and safari

Since Chrome is so great, I wanted to use it for all my browser needs. But the apps I've been working on myself have not been targeted for WebKit - the rendering engine used by chrome, and also used my Safari. This is mostly due to laziness on my part - having to handle two browsers at a time is chaos enough. But Safari compatibility is on my todo list for more than one of my projects, and chrome is a good push for this cause. And so I went in today and made just todo list. compatible with Chrome and Safari. The differences I encountered were:

  1. This is really prototype specific - prototype adds an empty underscore parameter for all Ajax request for WebKit browsers. Because apparently, Safari errors out when you try to post with an empty body on XHR calls. And, who knows, this might already be fixed in WebKit. I happened to have code that was not handling this fact on the server side. This was no biggy.
  2. This is an error on my part really, but I had a form with a text input inside. But also registered for the key events on the text input so that when enter is pressed I called form.submit(). The key event code is really unnecessary because an enter on the text input triggers the form submit on both FF and IE. So, although on the other 2 browsers this was no problem, in WebKit this triggers 2 posts. So... just DON'T do this.
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