Making Flex Suck Less

This is a follow up to my last Flex post. As I am learning more about Flex I have learned ways to address all 3 of the items in the cons list.

  1. Development feedback - not as instant. I mentioned that Flex has a compile step in the development process, this cannot be fixed. But the lack of an interactive console can be addressed by using the Javascript bridge, with which you can use Firebug to script your Flex app. There are inevitably some limitations, of course(like, I don't think you can pass functions to and from Flex land; and you can't modify the existing code), but by and large it is extremely useful. The scripting ability alleviates the slower feedback problem even though it does not eliminate it.
  2. Mandatory Static Typing. I misspoke on this one. Actually the static typing isn't mandatory at all. I mistook the warnings from the compiler to be errors. You have the option of turning off the warnings. Now I can eliminate a lot of what I dim the unnecessary type declarations from my code. However, I will not remove type declarations entirely, because I believe static type checking is immensely useful for situations where 1) it takes some time for the program to start up, and 2) it takes some user navigation actions to get to the place you want to test. The type checker will catch a class of stupid errors, which if you encounter only after waiting and performing a series of mouse clicks and key presses, can make you irritated quickly. My rule of thumb for type declaration in ActionScript is: 1) declare function input and output types; 2) declare global variable types; 3) local variables may or may not be declared, depending on the situation(if the variable is used extensively in the function, then declare); 4) do not declare if the type is void(i.e. nothing). I've never really worked with a language that has optional type checking, this is fresh! The browsers in the future will have this too in Ecmascript 4. Another language that has this is Groovy, and I heard C# is adding this too, how exciting! I SOOO admire Anders Hejlsberg. (after seeing the video it seems it's more like a bridge to scripting languages/libraries)
  3. As for the mx: prefix, I've already figured out how to do without it. So you can write rather than

In conclusion, Flex is actually an even better development environment than I gave it credit for last time.

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