Dissecting the Prototype Chain

I realized when I was trying to explain the prototype chain to my wife the other day that I didn't get it completely. So I went back to the drawing board and this is the example that I came up with:

function inherit(parent){

    var obj = function(){};
    obj.prototype = parent;
    return new obj();

toby = {};
toby.name = 'Toby';
toby.age = 27;
toby.eyeColor = 'brown';
toby.hairColor = 'dark';

// Object name=Toby age=27 eyeColor=brown hairColor=dark

emma = inherit(toby);
emma.name = 'Emma';
emma.age = 1

// Object name=Emma age=1 eyeColor=brown hairColor=dark

console.log("Toby is Emma's parent: " + 
	(emma.__proto__ == toby));
// true
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