IE Woes: One

Man! Have I been at war with IE lately. I have been holding back a lot of blog posts related to debug IE problems, and I going to start spewing them out now one by one. For the first installment I'll talk about one I encountered these couple of days...

Ever get this IE error?

When you click "Ok", this is what you see:

Ouch! Can this be any more catastrophic?(Yeah, that's my Chandler impression.)

According to this forum post, this happens if you have script tags in your document that's modifying other parts of the dom before the document finishes loading. Umm, okay, but I still had a hard time finding out the exact point this caused the problem. I used the comment-out-code-and-see-if-it-still-breaks-binary-search methodology, and came up with some work arounds which involved delaying the execution of some setup code. But, this catastrophic error came back to haunt be time and time again. Clearly I didn't find the root cause of this error or I wouldn't be committing it repeatedly.

But finally, I found it(I think, well at least one of the root causes). I am using firebug lite in development, which creates iframes and panels in the pages that pops out and in just like firebug. When you call console.log with firebug lite, guess what happens? Yeah, it modifies the console output window - a part of the dom that is outside of where the script tag is. Got rid of those console.log statements and fixed it.

In conclusion, do not do what I did!

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