Adding Real Properties to FABridge

Although FABridge is a nice tool, it's got its shortcomings. I am going to fix one of them now, namely that it doesn't give you real properties, but uses Java's getter setter convention instead. In 3 out 4 browsers, the __defineSetter__ and __defineGetter__ methods are already usable, so why not take advantage? It's really easy as it turned out. Change the addPropertyToType method to:

    addPropertyToType: function(ty, propName)
        var c = propName.charAt(0);
        var setterName;
        var getterName;
        if(c >= "a" && c <= "z")
            getterName = "get" + c.toUpperCase() + propName.substr(1);
            setterName = "set" + c.toUpperCase() + propName.substr(1);
            getterName = "get" + propName;
            setterName = "set" + propName;
        function setter(val)
            this.bridge.setPropertyInAS(this.fb_instance_id, propName, val);
        ty[setterName] = setter;
        function getter()
            return this.bridge.deserialize(this.bridge.getPropertyFromAS(this.fb_instance_id, propName));
        ty[getterName] = getter;
        if (ty.__defineGetter__)
            ty.__defineGetter__(propName, getter);
        if (ty.__defineSetter__)
            ty.__defineSetter__(propName, setter);

 And..., voila! You got yourself real properties. Now instead of writing:


You will be much happier writting:


On non-sucky browsers that is.

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