The Future of TV

I've been enjoying Tom and Scott's FourCast Podcast and decided that I would make my own predictions in the FourCast style. This post is my first prediction and will be the short term prediction. Here goes:

In the year 2020, TV will work completely wirelessly. Devices like Apple TV, Roku, Boxee Box, etc. will be merged into the TV itself. HDMI, DVI, Component inputs are only optional features and will be seen as outdated or niche. Apple Inc. will have the best selling TV which will have not a single hole or button on it. TV programming will be IP based and a la carte. TV shows will be delivered via a framework/standard like RSS but which allows for streaming, ad placement as well as paid shows in the form of a la carte or subscription. TV networks have a much smaller role and their main purpose will be to getting advertisers for shows. Google/YouTube will become the biggest TV network and will use ad-sense to place ads for shows anyone can make. Other competing networks will crop up and some of the old TV networks will move to this model but will not over take YouTube. TV channels will become a concept distinct from TV networks, and will be collections of shows/videos created by the TV networks or individual users(kinda like playlists). 

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