My Work Mail Filter

My company recently switched to Google Apps. One of the implications of this is that I can use Gmail's mail filters. Since - like many company - I get a daily plethora of list emails, I thought I'd create a simple rule to filter them down to only the ones that require my attention.

Attempt #1:

Matches: -{Toby}
Do this: Skip Inbox

This rule says that if the email does not have my name in it anywhere, then skip the Inbox(like Google Search, "-" is the NOT operator). This worked fairly well, but I found that there were some false positives after a week or so of using it. So it needed some tuning up.

Attempt #2:

Matches: to:( -{Toby Birthday}
Do this: Skip Inbox

I found that once in a while, there'd be a message addressed to me directly, but would not have my name in the message. I fixed this by putting in the To field of the filter(replace with your own email). So, this filter will only apply to mail not addressed directly to me - the ones sent to mailing lists, basically. Also, I'd like to be notified of people's birthday, so I added the word Birthday to the doesn't-have list.

Attempt #3:

Whenever I request support, I always first get a message first that says: Thank you for your support request. This is pretty uninformative, so I don't need to be alerted to them. So I added the rule:

Matches: from:( Thank you for your support request.
Do this: Skip Inbox

That's what I've got so far. This post will be updated as I further fine tune my mail filters.

Update: I found that it's a bad idea to ignore the email HR sends out the the mailing list, so I modified the first rule to let her in:

Attempt #4:

Matches: to:( -{Toby Birthday} from:(}
Do this: Skip Inbox

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