Convert a Function to Continuation-Passing Style

Here's a snippet that converts a normal Javascript function to its Continuation-Passing style equivalent:

function asCPS(f){
  var _f = function(){
    var callback = arguments[arguments.length - 1];
    var args = Array
      .call(arguments, 0, arguments.length - 1)
    var retVal = f.apply(this, args)
    if (callback) callback(retVal)
  } =
  return _f

So you have a normal function, say add():

function add(one, other){
  return one + other;

Convert it:

add = asCPS(add)

Now you can call it and get the result inside a callback, like so:

add(1, 2, function(sum){
  console.log('sum: ' + sum)
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