5 Great Resources for Learning Javascript Fundamentals

In the spirit of PromoteJS, I researched and collected a short list of good resources for learning Javascript fundamentals - no frameworks, just Javascript:

  1. A re-introduction to JavaScript - an excellent article covering all the important stuff in a digestible manner.
  2. Resig's interactive "Advanced Javascript" tutorial - although it is for Javascript Ninjas, it is nevertheless very approachable.
  3. Prototype Inheritance in JS - a concise and well written article about one of the most interesting aspects of Javascript.
  4. Best resources to learn JavaScript - SO's Q&A. The bests answers are overwhelmingly: the Douglas Crockford videos. Which I agree: if you are serious about learning Javascript, grab some popcorn, sit down and listen to this man talk.
  5. Just in case you are a n00b and don't know about Firebug, you must get it. Having an interactive console will make a huge difference in the speed of your learning progress.

Bonus: Rebecca Murphy's jQuery Fundamentals.

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