Memories of PyCon 2011

2011 is my second PyCon and easily the best one. This time, rather than focusing on the talks, I focus on the social activities outside of the talks - open spaces sessions, sprints, going to lunch and dinner with folks, and just hanging out - this has really paid off! I met, hung out and worked with some of my heros, and this made me very happy :)

Some Highlights

  • Dining with some of the smartest people and biggest Python open source contributors - many thanks to Phil for the invite!
  • Participating in a open spaces chat about music and tech and showing off my Noteboard program
  • David Beazly's - as usual - makes programming fun with his superb presentation and geeking out
  • Getting some insight on teaching programming to kids at one of the talks on education with Python
  • Sprinting and hanging out with Michael Bayer, the SQLAlchemy team and other teams of sprinters and learning some useful things along the way
  • Balancing family time and going to PyCon beautifully during the weekend
  • Hanging out with Zed Shaw
  • Feihong Hsu's hilarious presentation in front of a bunch of drunk hecklers at the Testing BOF. It was really inspiring because it's rare to see a fellow Chinese man be so entertaining and articulate.
I miss you PyCon, and I'll do my best to make it out to Santa Clara next year.
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