Real-time Web with Socket.IO (Screencast 17:20)

I redid/redesigned my blog! It now uses Jekyll to generate the site, vs before: a custom written Rails 1.2.x app. I also did the design by myself, with some much needed advice from my friend Jarrod. To kick-off this new hotness, I thought I'd start putting out a couple screencasts. This year I did several presentations on Javascript and Python at local meetups. I thought some of them would translate well as screencasts. And heck, I put so much work into these presentations I might as well get more mileage out of them, right?

Real-time Web and Socket.IO

I gave a ~15 minute intro on Socket.IO at atljs a few months back. If you don't yet know about Socket.IO, it is mind-blowingly awesome.


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