Testem 0.1.0 Released and Screencasts

I have been working pretty hard at updating Testem and is happy to announce a new release. Here are some new features

  1. Auto-launch browsers - you can now have it automatically launch browsers for you
  2. Custom Launchers - you can configure your own launchers, which will enable you to...
  3. Run tests in Node! Yeah, this feature seems an obvious one to leave out from the initial release, but we have it now.
  4. console.log display - all your console.log and console.error messages will now be display in real-time in the Testem UI.

I am redoing screencasts to showoff these new features and just to update the old one. I am breaking them up into 3 or 4 screencasts because there's a lot of stuff to cover.

Introductory Screencast (11:39)

I am going to start off with a new introductory screencast, which shows me doing a string calculator kata. This showcases the basic TDD workflow, also auto-launching a browser, and console-logging messages.

Launchers Screencast (12:10)

I also made a screencast specifically about the newly architected launchers feature. The idea of a launcher is that a launcher can either launch a browser process, or it can launch any arbitrary process - which communicates with Testem by writing to STDOUT and STDERR. You can configure Testem to auto launch these launchers for you either in the config file or on the command line. This is the mechanism by which you can run Javascript tests in Node: there are examples of that in the screencast.


Please leave feedback in the comments or on Github Issues.

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