Hardest Things About Learning To Code Today

I have been running Hacker Hours events in the Greater Atlanta Area for a couple of months. In one of those, I asked the participants this question: what are the things about learning to code that is the most difficult for you?

The Answers

These are the general responses I got:

  1. "A lot of us are self-taught, and have a lot of holes in our knowledge. Some of them we know we have, but some of them we don't even have an idea that we don't know it."
  2. "There's too much information. Lots' of different ways/methods of doing something."
  3. "I would like an end-to-end, streamed lined, from beginning to end kind of way to learn something."
  4. "The idea that the thing I am learning now will go out of date soon is unsettling."
  5. "I've already done Codecademy, TreeHouse, Code School, etc. etc. Now what? Whose resources don't take you far enough."
  6. "How deep is the rabbit hole? Sometimes I have trouble deciding between drilling down more into a subject area vs moving on."
  7. "Should I attend a coding boot camp like Hack Reactor?"
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