Series: Algorithm Friyay

1. Free Up Disk Space with Recursion

Aug 20th 20211:02:52

In this Algorithm Friyay I demonstrate how to use recursion to free up disk space for your hard drive and how similar it is to working with ASTs.

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2. Fun with ASTs

Aug 4th 202158:01

This is a 1-hour lecture and demo I did for Insiten's Algorithm Friyay. I introduce ASTs (Abstraction Syntax Trees), how to get them in JavaScript, and we write code to traverse an AST. Unfortunately I failed to record the audio for the attendees, so you can only hear one side of our conversations.

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3. Fun with AST Part 2

Aug 6th 202159:56

This is the second hour-long lecture on ASTs which I did for Insiten's Algorithm Friyay. We finish building a script that can tell which variables in a JavaScript program are unused by traversing an AST of the program.

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4. Intro to Dynamic Programming

Sep 17th 202149:15

I give a lecture to the Insiten crew introducing them to dynamic programming. The time-traveling debugger was employed here to demonstrate the performance characteristics of inefficient recursive algorithms.

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5. Intro to Dynamic Programming 2

Oct 27th 202159:39

I continuation of my first lecture on dynamic programming: In this one we explore the longest common subsequence problem, a classic example in dynamic programming.

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