Series: Algorithms and Data Structures

1. How and Why of Binary Search

Apr 17th 202346:33

This is a CS mentoring session I did with Carol where we covered the how and why of the binary search algorithm. We did the session over and we even asked Ghostwriter - the AI what binary search is!

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2. Binary Search 2: Now with Trees

Apr 22nd 202354:56

In this session I introduce the binary search tree, in a very roundabout way.

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3. Binary Search Trees: Part 2

May 6th 202356:43

Carol and I continue our lesson on binary search trees. This time we focus in on how to add a new entry to the tree.

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4. Binary Search Trees: Part 3

May 6th 202350:52

Carol and I continue our lesson on binary search trees. This time we focus on how to delete a node from the tree.

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5. Binary Trees: Part 4

May 12th 202350:23

In this episode: Carol talk about one aspect of self-balancing trees: tree rotation.

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6. Binary Tree Traversal: Part 1

May 28th 202354:43

In this session Carol and I work through how to traverse a binary tree, and we come up with an interesting result. Also, at the beginning of the video, we do an overview of the binary search tree series, and pose a challenge: to to do a range search with a binary search tree?

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7. Binary Tree Traversal: Part 2 (with Recursion)

May 28th 20231:00:45

In this episode, Carol and I discover recursive traversal of binary search trees: in-order, pre-order, and post-order.

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