Series: Compilers Challenge

1. Compilers Challenge #1: Reverse Polish

Oct 25th 202114:40

I am starting a new series about compilers called Compilers Challenge and this is episode 1. For each "compilers challenge", first I will present a video with a problem for you to solve. You are to solve this code challenge at home. Then, in a separate video coming out about a week later, I will present my solution to the challenge. To get the most of this experience, I recommend that you give the challenge a faithful attempt before view my solution. The first episode is on Reverse Polish Notation: Here is the text of the challenge as it is written on Good luck!

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2. Compilers Challenge #1 Solution: Reverse Polish

Nov 2nd 202118:21

This is the solution to the first compilers challenge: Reverse Polish, which can be found here: You can find all compilers challenges here:

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3. Compilers Challenge #2: The Language with No Variables

Nov 15th 202122:18

Welcome to the second compilers challenge, a series of compilers related code challenges. This episode is about the Forth programming language, which is interesting in the way that it is simple. In future challenges, we plan to build a simple Forth interpreter, but in this episode, I challenge you to write programs in Forth. I walk you through the basic concepts in Forth and then set you off on your adventure. Enjoy. You can find all compilers challenges here:

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4. CC #2 Solution: Forth

Dec 8th 202116:01

This is the solutions to compilers challenge #2 about the Forth programming language. Much fun was had in making this video. We will have loops, recursion and we will see them animated to life. Enjoy! You can find all compiler challenges here:

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