Series: How GUIs Work

1. How GUIs Work 1: Graphics and Events

Sep 2nd 202112:12

I have recently implemented my own GUI framework/toolkit for terminal-based programs and learned a great deal about how GUIs work. This is the first in a series of videos in which I attempt to explain how GUIs and UI frameworks work underneath.

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2. How GUIs Work 2: Components

Sep 3rd 202114:28

This is the second episode in the "How GUIs Work" series. We talk about UI components, their hierarchical tree structure, and show a couple of example programs that demonstrate this structure. We also, talk about XML-based UI frameworks and mention a few examples of those in the industry.

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3. How GUIs Work 3: Layout

Sep 11th 202119:06

In this episode 3 of How GUIs Works: I chat with Huiqi about how layouts in GUIs work. In particular, I describe my experience of first developing a homegrown layout algorithm, and then later switching to Flutter's layout scheme (I stole their algorithm by reimplementing it, not using any of their code). Here is a link to Flutter's layout algorithm: Here is a link to their Google Talk Also worth checking out is Jeremy Rose's article on this topic:

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