Series: Interviews

1. Random Sample-Based Profiling with Mike Dunlavey

May 3rd 202125:44

I learned a very cool technique for profiling my application recently for performance tuning from a post on Stackoverflow. It can be used for most programming languages, does not require any special tools, and is more intuitive to use that many profilers that give you a summary view of some sort. I hunted down the author of that SO post - Mike Dunlavey, and had a nice chat with him. Enjoy! Mike's Stackoverflow post can be found here: He also published a paper on it, which can be found here:

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2. CS Education Chat with Mike Dunlavey

May 3rd 202116:18

I had a nice chat with Mike Dunlavey about CS education, teaching newcomers to code and the challenges CS teachers commonly face and some ways we deal with those challenges.

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3. Punching Through on Computer Science with Mike Dunlavey

May 3rd 202120:05

I have further conversations with Mike Dunlavey about various topics in computer science, including information theory, AI, knowledge representation, languages, and macros.

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4. Omniscient Debugging (ODB) With Bil Lewis

Apr 1st 202145:24

Bil Lewis published an influential paper in 2003 called "Debugging Backwards in Time". It inspired me and others to build time traveling debuggers of their own. The debugger he built was called ODB, or the Omniscient debugger, implemented for Java. I was very lucky to get to chat with him over zoom, ask him some questions, and even have him demo the ODB to me. We had an amicable chat. The source code of ODB can be found at, and his paper can be found at Also, he once did a talk at Google which was recorded and published here:

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5. Time-Travel Debugging with Robert O'Callahan

Feb 13th 202232:56

I have the great pleasure of speaking to Robert O'Callahan (roc), the creator of the rr record/replay debugger and co-founder of Pernosco. We talk about the origins of his various projects, how they work, what they mean for the software industry, and more. roc's blog - rr - roc's rr talk - Pernosco - Chromometer paper - My videos about rr -

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